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Im just wondering how long it was until you received your dating scan letter from seeing midwife?? Early scans can take place from 6 weeks but the later you leave it the clearer the images will be and the greater the chance of seeing a viable pregnancy heartbeat etc – I’ve had both my early scans around 8 weeks and then my nhs scan just after 12 weeks. Toggle navigation. Categories Latest Sign in. Nov 6, AM in Pregnancy. This week I got my bfp!!!! So happy!!! Purple Star. Oct 31, PM.

When will i get my dating scan letter

Originally my fertility doctor specified consultant led care, then I had my midwife appointment 2 weeks ago who established the pregnancy was low risk. Hi Jess. Just a one size fits all letter. Exciting though!!

I will be your named midwife during your pregnancy and for a short time after You need to make this once you have had your dating scan, you can make this out via letter and if this date or time is not suitable you will need to contact the.

I’ve just had my booking appointment and told me I’d get letter in post. How long does it usually take for letter to come through x. Either have to go to rake lane or wansbeck for scan but have feeling it will take longer due to it being start of new year I have my daughters speech and language on the 4th mainly why I’m worried about date. I had my booking appointment on 21st and received mine on 28th.

Came quickly considering xmas etc x. Hopefully you will get yours soon x Also depends on the system in your area. Just want to get my appt!! Feels like I’ve been waiting an eternity so fingers crossed it’s not this long for you! Xx I’ll call if I don’t get it by the time my girls go back to school. Thank you for letting me know.

Obstetric Ultrasound

Midwife said that it might take that long but I thought it was a bit long so wanted to check if other people experiences long timescales. Wow that’s quick. Sounds like you counted the days lol. Where are you based?

At this visit you will be seen by a midwife who will take a detailed history and Blood samples are taken and a dating scan performed by an ultra-sonographer. to be repeated, you will be contacted by phone or letter by the hospital staff.

It is important that you see a Midwife as early as possible in your pregnancy. Women have their first and longest Antenatal appointment between 6 – 12 weeks of pregnancy with their Midwife. This is called a “booking” visit and involves questions about your health, any illnesses or previous pregnancies. This helps us to see if there may be any possible problems during your pregnancy and allows us to tailor your Antenatal care for your specific needs.

At the start of your pregnancy, during your booking visit, your Midwife will make an assessment based on your previous and current medical and pregnancy history. If you have not had any problems, then the Midwife will state that you are low risk and will be suitable for Midwifery-led care. This means that you will have all of your Antenatal care provided by the Midwife, and you will only need to attend the hospital for routine scan appointments.

Can i ask for a dating scan

So just what does happen at the week scan? At 12 weeks pregnant, you will be offered an ultrasound scan. Your week scan can take place any time between 11 and 13 weeks. So you can see all his organs, muscles, limbs and bones are in place, and the sex organs are well developed too. The week scan is usually just about determining whether your baby is healthy and growing as it should be and although the sex organs are well developed, it’s usually too soon to see them at 12 weeks.

When will I have a booking appointment? at about 10 weeks pregnant and this still gives plenty of time to get your first scan booked in. You will be asked the date of your last period to help your midwife work out your estimated due date.

Coronavirus is a rapidly evolving situation, to find out the latest information and how this might affect your visit to hospital – please click here. Our opening times are: Monday to Friday am to pm Telephone: What services do we provide? We see all women who have chosen to have their baby at Barnsley Hospital. Please book in at the maternity reception where you will be directed to the scan department. Please ensure you attend on time and have followed any preparation instructions highlighted on your appointment letter.

Your scan will be performed by sonographers who are highly trained and skilled in ultrasound techniques. Both male and female sonographers work in the department. Please be aware that the purpose of your anatomy scan is not to determine the gender of your baby. This is an important scan to look at the structure and development of your baby and several checks and measurements are undertaken. If you do wish to find out the sex of your baby, the sonographer will communicate this verbally directly to mum at the time of your scan.

Please note we will not write down the sex of your baby for the purpose of gender reveals. Scan pictures of your baby are available to purchase after your scan. The payment kiosk accepts cash, card, Apple pay and Android pay. No change is given.

The Booking Visit – Your First Appointment

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Your midwife will request your first scan and an appointment letter will be sent to you. If you have any queries you may phone the number below. Measure baby from head to bottom to “date” the pregnancy and determine a due date.

Following the latest government instructions on social distancing, we can confirm that patients with medical appointments should still attend, unless they have been informed otherwise by the hospital. When moving around the hospital, please maintain social distancing at all times. Restricted arrangements for visiting patients remain in place — click here for more details. Unless you have a medical appointment, need to attend the Emergency Department or are visiting a patient in accordance with our restricted visiting arrangements, please do not come to the hospital site.

We are providing the same urgent and emergency care for children as we always do. Click here for more advice. Read the latest NHS guidance. This first routine scan is carried out for the following reasons:. It is not diagnostic. We also like to arrange this for around 12 weeks, but it can be performed between 10 and 14 weeks. Occasionally during the scan, a miscarriage might be diagnosed even though you might still ‘feel pregnant’. Jump to navigation. Coronavirus – COVID Following the latest government instructions on social distancing, we can confirm that patients with medical appointments should still attend, unless they have been informed otherwise by the hospital.

Time for your 12-week scan? Here’s what to expect…

I am getting a bit anxious as I didn’t see my midwife until last Friday when I was 12wks as they couldn’t fit me in before. She said she would fax the dating scan request that day and I should receive a letter. How long after seeing your midwife did you receive your letter and how far ahead was it booked for? Ideally I need it to be done next week sometime, should I ring my midwife? So technically four since booking in. Hope you get yours in the post soon, if you’re concerned call your midwife.

An obstetric ultrasound is a very safe and accurate examination of your unborn baby, Please bring your referral (letter from your doctor) and your Medicare and/or Pension Can I have a female sonographer/technician to perform the scan?

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Pregnancy week 12! Dating scan!