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Have fun! I’ve done the author speed dating at both Malice and Left Coast Crime. Really made a difference. Interesting that there are two sets of authors. I haven’t heard of that before. Here’s hoping you get many people interested in your books! Sybil, I think we’re teamed with someone because there are so many authors attending this year. They like to work in as many as possible.

Bound for Bouchercon in Long Beach, California!

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Bouchercon is taking place in Long Beach, California, and is aptly being called Murder at the Beach. Look for me in Room Harbor C at a. Kings River Life, a California e-magazine with great mystery content, currently has a contest to win a free print copy of my third novel, Sea to Sky, featured as a Bouchercon coming attraction on KRL. It features Elspeth Watson, one of the main characters from the Highway Mysteries series, and is a good introduction to her rather unique personality. Check out Joggers on KRL.

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Bouchercon was fabulous. The whole time, I kept thinking: I cannot wait to write about this. It was surreal, to be honest.

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Toronto Star! Did I mention already that Janet is my strongest supporter in the crime fiction community? Short Mystery Fiction Society Lunch. Thanks to M. Callway for organizing such a fun lunch for members of the Short Mystery Fiction Society.

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Tip: don’t miss the Author Speed Dating and New Author breakfasts, where you’ll meet many writers and hear all about their books.

The whirlwind that is Bouchercon is over. I have mixed feelings about it this year because the first half I spent sick from food poisoning in my hotel room and the second half I felt like I needed to catch up to where everyone else was. Then I went home early to be with my dog. So was it worthwhile? I met people I only knew online.

I talked to a woman who said she was a big fan of my work. That alone was awesome. I never get tired of hearing that not that I hear it that often.

I Was a Bouchercon Newbie

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The 45th annual Bouchercon in Long Beach will be November Long Beach October 29, It takes place Nov. The convention is named after Anthony Boucher, a writer and critic of mystery and science fiction. He also helped found the Mystery Writers of America in Some of these writers included giants in the genre like Dashiell Hammett.

The first Bouchercon was held in Santa Monica in and was a modest gathering of friends who shared a love for crime fiction, Willis said. Since then, it has grown into what is widely recognized as one of the most anticipated events for crime fiction fans and authors alike, she added. On Nov. The 6 p. The convention will start on Nov. There also will be local authors in the mix, like Long Beach resident Tammy Kaehler, author of the Kate Reilly Racing series that focuses on a female race car driver who happens to stumble upon a dead body at the start of each book.

Kaehler said she will be attending as an invited author and excited fan.

Bouchercon 2017, Passport to Murder

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