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An assault can be traumatizing and result in a range of acute and chronic mental health problems, physical injuries, pregnancy, and Sexually Transmitted Infections STI to victims. In an effort to raise public awareness about sexual crimes and emphasize the importance of receiving a medical forensic exam following an assault, a coordinated team of experts from the City of Phoenix, Maricopa County Prosecutor’s Office, and HonorHealth including sex crimes investigators, forensic nurse examiners, forensic scientists, prosecutors, and victim advocates have contributed their expertise and guidance in developing this webpage. It is with hope that victims and the community at large, find this information educational and helpful. The intention is to provide a guideline of coordinated practices and resources that may be used following a sexual assault. To reference, please see: A. Department of Justice. Neither the U. Department of Justice nor any of its components operate, control, are responsible for, or necessarily endorse, this Website including, without limitation, its content, technical infrastructures, and policies, and any services or tools provided. Including when unable to consent due to age, illness, disability, or the influence of alcohol or illegal substances.

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This online version of the Arizona Revised Statutes is primarily maintained for legislative drafting purposes and reflects the version of law that is effective on.

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Every parent knows the worry that comes when teenage children fall in love. Intense emotions, raging hormones and the pressures of a highly promiscuous teen culture can push almost any child into early sexual involvement. But for young people in Arizona, the legal consequences of forbidden sexual activity can be completely life-shattering. Sadly, all it takes to turn a teenage romance into a nightmare that never ends is a single complaint to the police from an angry parent or a jilted boyfriend or girlfriend.

Age of sexual consent is the age at which a state says a person can agree to engage in sexual activity.

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As traumatic as sexual abuse against a child may be, until recently, an additional heartbreak and injustice often resulted from the law itself. This meant that, as the Me-Too movement gained steam, many who were victims as children were left without recourse as they grew older. While they may have been sexually abused as a minor, because they failed to file suit anytime from the ages of , their rights to civil justice were forever extinguished. It is perfectly understandable why someone might not rush to the courthouse to file a lawsuit for childhood sexual abuse in those first two years of adulthood.

But, until recently, unless those reasons included the complete inability to remember the abuse, or unless the victim was under continued threat from the perpetrator which prevented the victim from filing a lawsuit, it was very difficult — if not impossible — to achieve justice in a civil court of law. Such cases were often thrown out by the courts before they ever reached a fair settlement or trial for being untimely filed.

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Laws on alcohol sales and service may vary greatly by city, county or state. For complete Phoenix, Arizona photo of the person and date of birth.

Posted on October 23, in Sex Crimes. When teens get older, their hormones start to rage. Maybe your daughter is a high school freshman and starts dating a senior. What happens if they start having sex? Can teenagers consent to sex in Arizona? Can a year-old have sex with a year-old? What about a year-old and a year-old? Consent refers to agreeing to engage in a particular behavior. When it comes to sex, not everyone has the ability to consent.

In Arizona, the age of consent is That means, generally speaking, teenagers are not legally able to agree to engage in sexual intercourse or other sexual activity. In other words, teens who are 17 or younger cannot legally consent to have sex.

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The lawyers in our firm are frequently asked the following questions by parents of Arizona teens:. Will my son or daughter get arrested for having consensual sex with their teenage boyfriend or girlfriend? If they do, what kind of trouble are they in? Will they go to prison? How can you defend them?

Consumer fraud, as defined by Arizona law, is any deception, unfair act or for a violation of the Consumer Fraud Act within one year from the date the claim arises. (Tucson), or toll-free outside of metro Phoenix, () ​

The age of consent refers to the minimum age an individual can legally consent to having sexual relations. In Arizona, the age of consent is 18 years old. Under Arizona law, individuals 17 and younger lack the capacity to agree to participate in sexual activity. Criminal charges may be filed against the offending adult, and you may have to register as a sex offender. Age of consent laws refer to the legal age someone may consent to having sexual relations with another person.

Arizona, like most states, imposes strict age of consent laws with serious criminal repercussions. Combined with the raging hormones and intense emotions that accompany adolescence, the situation requires strict laws and even stricter enforcement to protect youth from being taken advantage of by predatory adults. The reason for firm statutory rape laws is to protect young children from sexual predators.

Teenagers often fall in love and intense emotions arise which may lead to early sexual activity. The legal consequences of having sexual relations with a minor can be life-shattering. The fact is that it only takes a single phone call or complaint to create legal problems for the offending adult. It is very important to understand Arizona consent laws and statutory rape laws, abide by them, and take them seriously. There are two common defenses to statutory rape charges.

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ARIZONA — The start of the new year also brings the start of several new Arizona laws going into effect in , affecting the minimum wage, primary elections, opioid prescriptions and more. Here are some of the changes for Patch is a space for neighborhood news.

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Jump to navigation. The following comprises Phoenix, Arizona’s animal-related ordinances. Topics include the keeping of reptiles or wild animals, vicious animal provisions, and sections addressing animal cruelty. An entire article Article IV deals with the confinement of animals in motor vehicles. Adjoining lot or parcel of land means any lot or parcel of land which in any way and at any point abuts, adjoins or otherwise meets the property line of another lot or parcel of land and includes a lot or parcel of land which is divided by a dedicated alley and which but for the alley would be abutting, adjoining or otherwise meeting the property line of another lot or parcel of land.

At large means being neither confined by an enclosure nor physically restrained by a leash, whether on or off premises of the owner or custodian.

Welcome to the Arizona Sex Offender Information page. This page provides information to the public concerning the location of sex offenders in Arizona.

Sexual assault cases are difficult cases both for the prosecution and the defense. Often, the credibility of the two parties is the deciding factor. Rape is a serious charge, subject to a prison sentence of 5 to 14 years with no opportunity for early release or parole. If a date rape drug Rohypnol or GHB is used, the penalty is increased by three years.

While spousal rape used to be a lesser crime in Arizona, today it is treated the same as any other form of rape. If you have been charged with rape, it is important for you not to say anything to investigators before you have talked to a lawyer and prepared a defense.

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If you fail to follow the Arizona age of consent laws, you could face a sex crime conviction. Arizona courts prosecute sex crimes doggedly. They are often crimes that evoke a strong emotional response in the public. Regardless of the actual circumstances of your offense, prosecutors will seek harsh punishment. In this post, experienced Phoenix sex crimes attorney Belen Olmedo Guerra will answer all your questions about Arizona age of consent laws.

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Before the Court can consider your case, you must enter a plea. An Arraignment provides an opportunity for you to enter an initial plea for your charges. Regardless of how severe the charges, you may have defenses and rights you are not aware of. You do not want to detriment or waive these rights or defenses by pleading guilty.

A good DUI or criminal defense lawyer may be able to get your charges dismissed, reduced, or otherwise more favorable outcome in your case. An Arraignment in Maricopa County is generally a brief but formal hearing. You can expect the following at your Arraignment:. If you have a scheduled Arraignment criminal or DUI charges, one of the most important decisions you will need to make, is how to plea.

There are three Plea types that can initially be entered at your arraignment:. Although not advised, you may defend the charges without formal legal representation. Or you may retain a DUI or criminal defense lawyer in Arizona to challenge the evidence and charges against you.

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